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Monday, November 19, 2012



Vincent Caruso and Rosabel Ginart

As an online journal, we will be publishing continuously quality art work.
All rights revert to authors upon publication.

For all writing, please submit in word document.
For poetry, send 3-5 poems.
For flash fiction, send 3-5 pieces.
For short stories, send 1-3 stories, no longer than 7,000 words.
Novel excerpts are allowed, so long as they are not over 7,000 words.
For nonfiction, send 3-5 pieces.  We especially love the personal essay.
For plays and screenplays, send 1-3.

For all visual stills, please submit in JPEG.
Think original drawings, paintings, photography, architecture, jewelry, clothing lines--surprise us.
Email 3-5 visual stills.

For music,
Submit your best songs, audio spoken words sans music, music with spoken words.
Email 1-3 pieces in mp3 format.

For multimedia,
anything outside the spectrum that can be fit onto a website--submit.

For film,
Email us a link to your buried vimeo or youtube masterpieces.
If you believe in it, but no one else does--we want it.

Our digital mission is to expand the Arts Journal.  We will archive upon your permission.

Our first deadline is January 31, 2013.
We will have an inaugural party to celebrate South Florida Arts Journal once it goes online.  

Submit to:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Inaugural Issue Spring 2013!

South Florida Arts Journal             

is proudly launching its inaugural issue in Spring ’13. 
An online journal, we are soliciting submissions of all art forms.
We want:

Anime, Fiction, Nonfiction
Art, Film, Photography
Architecture, Jewelry, Plays
Cartoons, Miscellaneous, Poetry
Computer Animation, Multimedia, 
Screenplays, Fashion, Music, And More…

Please email all writing in Word Documents,
all visual stills in JPEG.
QUERY FIRST about audio and multimedia.

Selected pieces will be exhibited
at our inaugural party in the Spring! 

For more info:

DEADLINE: January 31, 2013